Are cm punk and lita dating

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Sadly, when WWE stars are on the road for more than 300 days a year, they are rarely able to see their family; and when someone turns on the TV and sees that their spouse is spending their time with someone else, it can be a hard pill to swallow.

Shockingly, there have been a number of real-life relationships that have been affected by something that was scripted on WWE TV.

Merely months later it was revealed that Amber and Gallows had separated when Anderson mentioned on their weekly podcast that his good friend had become single.​ Mickie James and Kenny Dykstra were engaged until John Cena came along Mickie James recently returned to WWE as a veteran in the current Women's Division, after a lengthy stint with TNA saw her meet her husband and return to the company as a mother.

Even though it's been seven years since Mickie James left WWE back in 2010, the WWE Universe still remember the scandal that surrounded her during her first stint with the company.

” He responded, “Yep.” Konnan continued to dish on Punk, stating that some people in the company feel he has a “huge head.” Furthermore, the former Max Moon reveals that Punk once “hated” fellow top star John Cena for similar behavior.

“To me, it’s like, alright, you waited all this time to become a big star, and all those guys that had a big head, that you hated, like Cena,” said Konnan. You need to bring your s**t down back to ground.” He reiterated further, “I was told by my source in WWE that CM Punk has a big head and he’s conceited.” This new episode of MLW Radio is available for free at and on i Tunes (search: MLW Radio), along with episodes featuring Chris Jericho, The Ultimate Warrior, Billy Corgan, Konnan, Carlito, Teddy Hart, Sean Waltman and many others—a new episode drops every Sunday.

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The way Lana and Ziggler are playing the fans is brilliant and a great use of social media for WWE storylines.Many WWE Superstars have felt the effects of romantic storylines WWE superstars are often put into storylines with other wrestlers that can have romantic element involved.Wrestling is like acting and sometimes it takes an element of trust for these couples to be able to get through some of the things that WWE expects them to do.Mickie James and John Cena began working together as part of a WWE storyline back in 2008 and it seems that this lead to a real-life affair between the former WWE Champion and the former Women's Champion.Mickie was engaged to former Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time, and when he found out, Cena used the power that he had within the company to have him fired(or so it's rumoured).

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